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Express CNA Training (NC)

Certified Nursing Assistant - Exam Prep

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                                                               WE ARE RETIRED!!

                                                              NO MORE CLASSES



                       North Carolina is a “Challenge State” which means no one has to take a state

                      approved course, or have a certain number of class/clinical hours to take the state exam.

                      You take the same state exam and get the same state license as someone who takes a

                      state approved course. You do not have to go to school for months and pay

                      hundreds of dollars. You only go 1 day, taught by a professional, receive “Hands-On”

                      of all the state required skills, receive a textbook so you are well prepared to take the written

                      and skills parts of the exam. We do not issue a "Certificate of Completion".  A "certificate of

                      completion" is a piece of paper state approved schools give showing you attended their class.

                      This certificate is not required to take the state exam. The state issues a license after

                      passing the exam. The state CNA 1 License is a Certification. If you intend to further your 

                      education, check with the school you plan to attend to see if they require a "Certificate of

                      Completion." (Usually the community colleges require a "certificate of Completion").



                      Legal Notice: We offer a tutoring program and we are not a community college, not

                         a private state approved school or a proprietary school. We are not part of the North Carolina

                         Community College System. We do not give any exam for licensing in a profession or vocation,

                         we do not offer employment at any level, beginning or advanced, we do not offer educational

                         credential below the associate degree level. We do not issue certificates or certificate of 

                         completion of any type.





                       99%of the students who attend our Express CNA Test Prep Course pass both

                       the written and clinical portions of the North Carolina certified nursing assistant examination

                       on their first attempt. Our oldest student was 77 years old and passed on the first try!

                       When you call other places remember  to ask what you get, their passing rate, do they give

                       a textboook (not just a state handbook) and Hands-On Training.

                       We have a Better Business Bureau rating of A-, we are a Federal and NC State

                       501 c3 Nonprofit corporation and a member of the NC Center for Nonprofits.

                       Our course is highly recommended as a stepping-stone for those who want to

                       pursue a career as a LPN, RN, or Physician's Assistant.  Some of our students are

                       referred from nursing school programs, doctors, RN's, colleges, nursing homes,

                       home health care agencies and past students.





                A textbook is included with the course so you can pass the written and skills part

                of the state exam. (Some training centers do not give a textbook just the free NC

                CNA 1 handbook, DVD or hand-outs).


               Hands-on training of All state required skills (some centers go over only the written part of the

               exam and/or part of the skills). We work one on one with you until you feel comfortable performing

               the 22 required skills.


               Our classes  are offered every Saturday and limited to 12 students to give each student

               the individualized attention they deserve.


               We support you and remember we have a 98% success rate.


               We tell you how to sign up for the State exam application ($101 state fee is not inculded in our

               price). You choose a testing date and testing center and pay with a credit or debit card.You will take

               the same state exam in about 15 days and receive the same CNA state license that anyone who

               goes to a state approved school such as a community college. We give you a NC State CNA I

              Candidate Handbook with your textbook.


               Students do not teach you and you do not watch DVDs, videos or take tests all day.


               We do not cancel classes due to low enrollment. Class maybe cancelled due to weather

               conditions but you WILL be reschdeuled.


               We provide all equipment you need. The skills lab has hospital beds so you practice in a

               hospital environment with up to date equipment to provide the best hands-on learning experience.

               You do not need to buy anything just bring is a pen, high-lighter and notebook.


               Dress is casual.


               We have had thousands of people complete our course, receive their license, and working

               in nursing homes, doctor’s offices, VA center, home health care  agencies or going to or in

               nursing or professional medical schools.


NO prior medical experience required
NO high school diploma required
Should be 18 years of age






$9 to $15+ an hour!!

In North Carolina, the average starting salary is $10 an hour and can exceed $13 + an hour. CNAs are able to work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities or for home health agencies and even private care. The possibilities are endless!

You can become a CNA with our one day course, take the state exam in about two weeks and be working on your way to a rewarding career in the medical field. Fast-track yourself into the medical field with Express CNA Training!

Call today!!!     





Nondiscrimination Policy                                                                                          Mission Statement                                                    

Express CNA Training provides services                                                                     Where training provides individuals

without regard to race, color, creed, religion,                                                               the opportunity for employment, job advancement

age, sex, political belief, disability, ancestry,                                                                to build self-sufficiency and self-esteem.

national origin in admission policies or scholarship

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